Ulrich Kurt Geguns

Ulrich Geguns was born in the East Prussian town of Patersort (now Beregovoy, Russia) on 2 June 1892. From 1913-1919 he lived in the former German colony of South-West Africa, working as an accountant. After the First World War he worked intermittently as a policeman. In March 1933 Ulrich Geguns came to General-Pape-Strasse as a member of the SA Field Police. Here he was one of the principal perpetrators of the maltreatment of prisoners. After he was taken into the regular police, he was caught embezzling in 1935, expelled from the NSDAP and the police and sentenced to one year imprisonment. At the end of the war he tried to disguise himself as a member of the SPD, but was recognized by a former prisoner, Alfred Johler. Ulrich Geguns was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for “crimes against humanity” in July 1948, four years of which were remitted in 1954.