Scribbles, drawings, notations of dates and individual words from the time the building was used as an SA Prison can still be perceived on the walls of the basement hallway. Since they were first discovered at the beginning of the 1990s, the sculptor Rolf Scholz, a member of the History Workshop Papestrasse, has endeavoured to preserve these historic traces.

Wall drawing David Moses Wiener-Trisker

The wall drawing shows the silhouette of the Jewish merchant David Trisker, called Wiener. The name is written in Latin-script and Hebrew. David Trisker was born in Czortkow, Austria, in 1903 and moved with his family to Charlottenburg around 1914. David Trisker died in The Hague in 1940 under unknown circumstances. It has not been possible to establish why and under what circumstances the drawing was made.