Erich Krause

Erich Krause was born in Berlin on 6 January 1905 and learned the building trade in his father’s firm. In September 1929 he joined the NSDAP and the SA. After being taken into the SA Field Police he was part of the guard detail of the SA Prison and head of the interrogation section. Erich Krause can be linked with the death of Leo Krell, because a prisoner receipt signed by Erich Krause was attached to Leo Krell’s case sheet with the entry „cause of death not to be determined with certainty”. In 1934 Erich Krause was moved to the regular Berlin police. In December 1950 Krause was arrested on the basis of suspected crimes again humanity and was detained in Berlin-Moabit for a year pending trial. Although his complicity was proven, the Berlin regional court acquitted him in 1956 on the basis of the statute of limitations.