The pedagogical programme of the memorial is closely connected with the Jugend Museum (Youth Museum) in Berlin-Schöneberg. The educational line-up in the memorial is presented as a number of learning workshops. They offer young people enough room and time to approach the history of early Nazi terror step by step and to deal with it actively and reflectively. The learning workshops are designed to last one or more days and offer different combinations of a number of modules. The youngsters will then display their results publicly in the memorial on an „exhibition table” specially provided for this purpose.

Angebot 1

The History of the SA Prison Papestrasse

One-day project, 9 am to 1 pm, from 8th grade on

This project day begins with preparations for the historical topic. The young people are then accompanied on a tour in search of traces of this history that takes them through the memorial and the permanent exhibition. They also have the opportunity to conduct their own research with the aid of source material in the archive. Such topics might include the fate of the prisoners, the arrest conditions, or background information on the perpetrators.

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The History of the SA Prison Papestrasse and the Significance of Memory

Two-day project, 9 am to 1 pm, from 8th grade on

In this workshop the youngsters not only inform themselves and work independently on the history of the SA Prison, but also deal with the topic of memory. In other words, they examine the memory history of the memorial. By means of interviews with passers-by or a conversation with relatives of people who were detained in the SA Prison in 1933, the young people have the opportunity to actively reflect on the significance and the various forms of remembrance of the historical events.

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The SA Prison Papestrasse and the „Schwerbelastungskörper” – Two Historical Testimonies

Two- or three-day project, 9 am to 1 pm, from 10th grade on

This workshop includes a walk to the so-called „Schwerbelanstungskörper”, or heavy load-bearing body, that was built nearby in 1941 and serves as an example of the monstrous city planning of the Nazis under the direction of Albert Speer, the „General Building Inspector for the Capital of the Reich”. The young people visit the accessible 12,000 tonne cylindrical structure as well as the open-air exhibition and climb up onto the observation tower, giving them an idea of the dimensions of the city planning of the time.

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SA Prison Papestrasse Memorial and Foundation Topography of Terror - A Search for Traces at two Historical Sites

Two-day project, 9 am to 1 pm, from 9th grade on

On the first day of the project the students visit the former SA Prison Papestrasse. They take in the exhibition in the memorial and are guided to the historical rooms in search of traces of the past. Biographies of persons who were both detained in the SA Prison and were targeted by the Gestapo form a connection between the two sites of Nazi terror. The second day takes place in the Foundation Topography of Terror. With the help of the biographies they have already examined the students gain insight here into the further development of the Nazi instruments of persecution. The results of their work are presented in a final round.


In-depth didactical publications on the history of the SA Prison are available free of charge as a follow-up to the tours and project days.

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